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Naruto Shippuden Saison 19 (Tous les épisodes)

Naruto Shippuden

Season 19

Vue d’ensemble:: Naruto and the Allied Shinobi manage to extract Obito’s Tailed Beasts, leaving Madara as the final foe to defeat. Obito realizes the error of his ways, but Black Zetsu prevents him from interfering. Nine Tails is extracted from Naruto, and he and Sasuke are left near death. In the midst of all this, the turbulent history of the Hyuga clan and events that took place in the Leaf Village while Naruto trained with Jiraya are revealed!

Liste d’épisodes
  • The Night Before the Second Exam
  • The Yamanaka Clan’s Secret Ninjutsu
  • The Hidden Plot Set Into Motion
  • Hopes Entrusted to the Future

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